At NGOM, we understand that early medical diagnosis, timely treatment and a prompt return to suitable activity for workplace injury enables workers to get their life back on track faster.

We also realise that every industry, workplace and worker is different. That is why our we work with you to tailor our services to your needs in order to achieve the best outcomes possible for all.

Specialised Early Intervention Service (SEIS)

SEIS is a multidisciplinary service targeted at the small proportion of South Australia Workers Compensation claims that account for over 90% of its costs.

We have developed a highly effective screening tool to identify these proportion of claims who we consider to need high level specialist care. Our aim is to reduce this proportion of claims, to achieve a favourable health and return to work outcome for these workers and to potentially reduce its costs exponentially.

We aim to facilitate work capacity and lower the risk of chronicity via:

  • Identifying complex worker injuries with poor prognostic indicators within the first 2 to 4 weeks of injury.
  • Provide early and accurate medical diagnosis.
  • Recommend or implement appropriate medical treatment.
  • Identify suitable and sustainable duties at the workplace by conducting a worksite visit if necessary
  • Promote early return to work.
  • Identify and manage all barriers in a bio-psychosocial context.
  • Provide succinct effective communication.
  • Actively promote and implement Injury Prevention

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