When healthy environments are created, workers are able to achieve the demands of their work in a safe and supportive context.

At NGOM, physical, social and psychological health can be promoted through wellness programs. These programs promote physical, psychological and social health, while preventing injury and disability by considering both the worker and the workplace.

Prevention can be divided into the following categories:

  1. Primary prevention interventions to prevent the occurrence of physical injury or disease include recommending preventative measures to control workplace hazards, risk assessments, job analysis, ergonomic assessments and audits. We can also provide education about body mechanics to minimize the risk associated with workplace injury and programs including regular exercise breaks.
  2. Psychological wellbeing can be improved with programs including: building resilience against the development of psychological conditions such as depression, managing anxiety in the workplace, anger management, and addressing addiction issues. In addition, programs addressing leadership development and communication in the workplace are also available. Such programs can be tailored to both an individual’s and an organization’s needs.
  3. Secondary prevention including adaptation of work or environment for workers when returning to work post injury
  4. Managing complex medical conditions

At NGOM we believe that we can support workplaces to foster the personal health and well-being of workers and develop environments that support productivity and a positive workplace culture. We have the skills, knowledge and expertise to develop collaborative strategies with employers focusing on return to work as well as prevention of disability and promotion of health in the workplace.

This can be from a multi-disciplinary approach or a single discipline.

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