We are passionate about optimising health and recovery by working to improve the health, culture and engagement of our community’s workforce.

In 2013, Next Generation Occupational Medicine (NGOM) was founded because we believed that there had to be a better approach to occupational health where healthcare providers, employers and insurers can work together to help workers return home to their families safe from harm, both physical and psychological. In the event of an injury, we believe that all workers should have access to the best medical care.

NGOM was founded in 2013 as a specialist practice, and in 2017 it began offering a full suite of occupational health services. Since then, we have serviced over 500 South Australian and National clients including Australia’s largest integrated services, banking, steel and retail providers.

In 2016, Next Generation Specialist Support was formed. It comprised of 15 specialist doctors from various disciplines, providing Second Opinion Medicine services to assist GPs, employers and insurers in clinical management of their injured workers.

Our Vision

The Best. To be the best occupational healthcare provider.

Our Mission

Every worker deserves the best healthcare. To provide the best healthcare that empowers health, wellbeing and recovery.

Our values


Building trust and relationships within ourselves, our patients and clients through transparent effective communication and stakeholder engagement, is essential to our success.

“Trust is the basis of any good work”.


Heal the world, one person at a time. With empathy, we guide people through the tough, complex journey they face by giving them time and understanding.


Recognising there is more than one side, we work in the best interest of Health.


As a practice and as individuals, we value how we conduct ourselves and what we represent.

Meet the Team

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