We are pleased to announce that NGOM has partnered with one of South Australia's iconic companies, RDNS (part of Silverchain Group) to provide early intervention and injury management services for their employees in South Australia.

For over 120 years, RDNS and Silverchain has been serving Australians by providing in-home community and aged care services so that they can confidently live their lives as they choose, and are empowered to manage their own health and wellbeing.

It is an honor be chosen as the first choice medical provider to care for the wellbeing, safety and recovery of Silverchain workers, whose role is vital to our community's future.

We know that caring for another person can be an emotionally and physically taxing undertaking, but yet it is such an extremely rewarding job, which motivates us to do better.

Sharing these values with our clients is what makes strong partnerships, leading to good health outcomes.

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